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If you study the different dance form of India, Manipuri dance is most popular among one of them. Manipur was form 21st January 1972 under Indian constituency. Manipur state is situated in Northeast India and Imphal as the city is the capital of this state. Here we are trying to mentioned the 15 most popular festivals of Manipur with some photographs acknowledge from various sources of portals.

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Manipuri ladies in festive mood.

1. Chavang Kut

Chavang Kut

It's an afterlife festival of the different lines of Kuki-Chin-Mizo group of Manipur. The festival has been similarly described at different places amongst different lines as chavang-kut or khodou etc.

It's a happy occasion for townies giving feasts with songs and balls in merriment and jocundity for all, in honour of the giver of an abundant harvest, it's observed on 1st November every time.

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2.  Cheiraoba – New Year

Cheiraoba – New Year of Manipur

During the jubilee, the people of Manipur clean and embellish their houses and prepare special gleeful dishes which offered to colorful divinities. The occasion celebrated during the month of April, a part of the ritual entails townies climbing the nearest hill covers in belief that it'll enable them to rise to lesser height in their worldly life. the Pangals (Manipuri) also observe on this month.


3.  Christmas

A festival not only celebrated by the Christian community but the total of Manipur. Reading Doctrines, singing Carols, and prayers, enjoying delectables is what this festival is each about.

Month of festivity December


4. Chumpha

It's the festival of Harvest and is celebrated for seven days by the Nagas. It's a unique jubilee in the sense that women are active actors in all the rituals.


 5. Gaan – Nagai

Gaan – Nagai of Manipur

It's the festival of the Kabui Nagas and is spread over five days. The first day is the form of auspice taking, and for the rest of the days, it's about feasts, singing, dancing, and other joyful conditioning by elderly citizens and boys and girls.

Month of Festivity December or January


 6. Gang – Ngai – Festival of Kabui Nagas

The occasion is celebrated for 5 days in the month of December – January. It's an important festival of Kabui Nagas. The jubilee opens with auspice taking form of first day and rest of the days are associated with common feast, balls of old men and women and of boys and girls, donation of farewell gifts etc


 7. Heikru Hidongba

Heikru Hidongba of Manipur India

A celebration of exhilaration and joy in Manipur where boat race takes place and canopies are created for the locals to enjoy the event.

Lord Vishnu is worshipped, and their hero is placed before the festival begins to seek blessings of God.

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 8. Kang festival Rath-Yatra

Kang festival Rath-Yatra Manipur

Also known as Kang festival, it's a festival which is celebrated for ten days. Lord Jagannath leaves his tabernacle in a Rath called as Kang pulled by the pilgrims. Feasts are organized on a large scale, and people gather in large figures to substantiation and be a part of this festivity.

 Month of Festivity June/ July


 9. Lai Haraoba

Lai Haraoba of Manipur ~ YouFestive

This festival celebrates the idolization of Divinities and ancestors. Both men and women perform folk balls. People assemble in huge gatherings to witness the jubilee.


 10. Lui Nagai Ni

It's one of the main carnivals of Manipur and is popularly known as the Seed sowing festival. After this festivity, civilization is begun by the Naga lineage. Colorful artistic shows, including cotillion and music, are an essential part of this festival. It strengthens the concinnity and bond of the people.

Month of Festivity February (14/15 February)


 11. Ningol Chakouba

This festival of Manipur is celebrated to strengthen the bond between wedded women and their paternal families. The wedded women are invited to their homes along with their children and are cockered with great food and poured with gifts and blessings.


12. Ramjan (Ramzan)

It's the most important festival of Manipuri Muslims. People offer diurnal prayers in the synagogue and gormandize for the whole month. Gifts and blessings are changed with their loved bones.

Month of festivity Not fixed


13. Sajibu Nongma Panba

It's the spring festival of Manipur and the morning of the new time for people of Manipur. People dress up in traditional costumes and visit their musketeers and families and exchange gifts and delectables. Before the jubilee, drawing exertion takes place where everything in the ménage is gutted, whether used or unused. It's believed this festival will make people reach lesserheights.Month of Festivity April


 14. Sangai Festival

This festival is celebrated in the name of rare species of Deer called Sangai, which is plant in Manipur. The festival celebrates the different art and culture of Manipur and is organized by the Manipur Tourism Department. Great artistic shows and art forms are presented during the ten days festivity.

 Month of festivity November


 15. Yaosang

Just like Holi, the Hindu Meitei people celebrate this festival in Manipur with colors. Also, being one of the major carnivals of Manipur, it's celebrated for five days. Children seek donations, Original bands perform Sankirtan ( religious performance), people play with water, and numerous other conditioning are organized. Original cookeries are offered and participated with each other.


Q.1. Relation of different festivals with seasons in Manipur 

Ans: In different seasons the cultural people of Manipurare ara aranging festivals rituals music dances folks as many as mentioned in the total paragraph in this blog.


About Manipur 6 festival in Manipur in writing in English.

20 Lines of the festivals of Manipur.

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