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Rajasthan is home to many festivals that showcase the wealthy culture, history, heritage and spirit of the royal state in India. From Asia’s 1st desert bivouacking music competition to literary, culture and folks events, here square measure the thirty one (31) vibrant festivals value move to the state for.

1. Ashwa Poojan, Udaipur

Ashwa Poojan, Udaipur, stability Worshipping the Horse, On the ninth day regarding Navratri, a regal festival because the adore regarding horse is organized within Udaipur. This some over its form pageant acknowledges the special alliance among honour yet horse. During this festival, the horse is worshiped through the paid in advance member regarding the house; the non secular ritual is followed by a mouth-watering Rajasthani cuisine treat.

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2. Adventure Festival, Kota

The Kota Adventure Festival is a combination of adventure and spirituality. It is one of Rajasthan's most unique events, held during Dussehra in October. Adventure sports are organised during the festival, which attracts visitors from all across the country. The festival's major goal is to increase the state's tourism. The main events include rafting, windsurfing, parasailing, kayaking, rock climbing, trekking, angling, and rural excursions, making it a week-long refuge for adventure fans. The festival's major attraction is kite flying. Any adventure sport you can think of is likely to be found at the Kota Adventure Festival.

3. Baneswar Festival, Bikaner

Baneshwar festival is a famous generic Rajasthan festival dead among Baneshwar, Dungarpur District. Baneshwar is a short delta built with the aid of the flood on Soma, which do remain found sixty eight km from Dungarpur. Lord Shiva was also called Baneshwar and so much is from what it competition is devoted to him. This procession not like the other is observed according to pay observance in conformity with Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu through normal rituals. It is a primary attraction because tribals (especially Bhils) then vacationers alike. Earlier, couple fairs were held with each equal animal dedicated in accordance with some god. But, among the current day, solely one clean is past where processions are conveyed outdoors out of morning till night. The tidy spans 5 days along every period animal extra action-packed than somebody other. The clean also holds a couple of activities such so enchantment shows, acrobatic performances, animal shows or a whole lot more.

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4. Brij Holi Celebration, Bharatpur

Bharatpur, in the Brij area of Rajasthan, hosts the most popular festival in India, which is celebrated in a magnificent and elaborate manner a few days before Holi. During this celebration, the city comes alive with people dressed in their brightest outfits and performing colourful melodies. This festival is dedicated to Lord Krishna, and as a result, the complete love tale of Krishna and Radha is depicted in the form of a dance, which is a unique element of this festival. During this time, the entire region is bathed in Holi colours, and the inhabitants are at their happiest. Tourists from all over the world go to Bharatpur to take part in the out-of-this-world celebrations.

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5. Bundi Utsab, Kota

The Bundi Utsav is the main competition of Rajasthan and important attraction about the town about Bundi. It is located 39 km, Northwest of Kota. It is a little away beaten song because of tourists. The town about Bundi sets a lovely backdrop because of this festival. It is dotted along palaces or forts who redact you experience kind of you’re of a pretty tale. The close by stream over Chambal gives ample possibilities because of water sport activities. As the whole competition is a celebration of the town, the stalls yet retail outlets set up of the natives themselves. Seldom are human beings referred to as beyond outside.

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It additionally hosts more than a few competitions like the headdress weaving or moustache competition. The festival has a variety of food stalls, retail outlets selling souvenirs or traditional art. longevity The festival additionally showcases cultural programs, ethnic sports, Shobha Yatra or the well-known wrap Dance. The fireworks display marks the give up concerning the pageant yet is actually breath-taking.

When I was travelling in Rajasthan people were waving hands, and it felt like I was visiting my own constituency. ~ Kamla Persad-Bissessar

6. Camel fair, Bikaner

The Camel Festival is a beautiful festival held in Bikaner in honour of the desert ship. This festival, like all of Rajasthan's other holidays, begins with much pomp and circumstance. The Camel Festival, held every year in the beautiful month of January, is a two-day event that culminates in a colourful parade of decorated camels against the backdrop of the famous Junagadh Fort. Camels are raced, camel games are played, and other cultural acts are held. Although this celebration honours Rajasthan's camels, it also incorporates traditional Rajasthani cultural acts.

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Rajasthan with its deep-rooted culture and traditions boasts its rich history with a story around every corner.

7. Chandrabhaga Fair, Jaisalmer

Jhalawar is a princely government located between south-eastern Rajasthan which is the military in conformity with the Chandrabhaga Fair each and every 12 months at some point of the month regarding October and November. This is predominantly a cattle clean who is finished concerning the prejudiced period on Kartik Purnima so hundreds concerning human beings absorb a declivity among the clean Chandrabhaga River. It is considered a immaculate area with the aid of the partial humans whoever call is Chandravati. Just as the famous Pushkar fair, this coherent additionally organises the cattle clean where cattle is accessible for re-sale. Traders or merchants from entire atop the united states of america sail here or receive quantity in that fair between Rajasthan.

Vibrant, colourful, dazzling, vivid, garish – none of these words do Rajasthan’s justice. This place is just so, so, and so much more than these words.

8. Desert Festival, Jaisalmeer

Rajasthani celebrated Desert festival YouFestive

Vibrant desolate tract festival of Jaisalmer is a wondrous opportunity after trip the sandstones then magical castles. The competition lasts because three days- certain do journey amour camel ride, participate into camel races, polo matches, headdress tying competitions or a range of other things.

The best portion in regard to the competition is the people measure performance concerning the last age about the event.

The important sights on the desert competition over Jaisalmer include snake charmers, puppeteers, acrobats, people performers, fire dancers then a range of ignoble matters so much pleasure capture you heart.

Rajasthan’s linguistic diversity is immense, but the beliefs and values are the same.

9. Diwali

Considered as the pageant about lights, Diwali is done as the homecoming of Lord Rama. This 5 period lengthy carnival is observed including huge enthusiasm. Houses and retail outlets are partial a stringent fly fair earlier than wight lovingly adorned with polished lights, patterned lanterns and colourful rangolis/kolams. Puja is equipped among the night according to petition the blessings regarding Devi Lakshmi. After the non secular ceremony, humans section sweets together with family then neighbours, followed by using inconceivable fireworks. People exchange items yet revel in them as like a great deal possible. These 5 days are regarded absolutely fair namely people buy utensils and cloths, some also start recent commercial enterprise during it time.

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10. Dussehra Festival

A three-day event organised by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation in the month of February, it is an absolute bonanza that celebrates the delights of the desert. The atmosphere is alive with song and dance, with the artists dressed in bright colours and traditional finery, depicting the tragedies and accomplishments of the desert. A showcase of desert rituals and life, camel races, gymnastic stunts, several competitions like the longest moustache, turban tying, Mr Desert etc, delicious food and interesting stalls selling handicrafts and other souvenirs will make it a memorable 3 days of your life.

11. Elephant Festival

The wedge about interesting festivals yet celebrations, Rajasthan, is the Furer because of the unique yet a good deal awaited Camel Festival, held yearly in the Pink City, Jaipur. The competition is organised to highlight the honor regarding elephants between Rajasthan and takes area all through the age about Holi. Groomed in imitation of finality then startling between gold, the elephants' catwalk amidst an enthralled audience, including musicians playing the people songs. Games as bishop polo, gauze race, tug-of-war, and gauze decoration are the highlights of it festival. It commemorates together with the people grounding over the elephants and taking part in with colours. This unique festival is surely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Rajasthan will fill you with unbelievable energy! And will drill you with unlimited joy and happiness.

12. Gangaur Festival, Joypur

Gangaur Festival, Where: All above Rajasthan, Duration concerning Festival: 18 days, Special attractions: Reverence about Lord Shiv or Goddess Parvati. Soon afterwards Holi, the people of Rajasthan extoll the pageant about Gangaur. It commences over the day appropriate since Holi or lasts for 18 days. The competition is observed by the womenfolk along giant drive yet faith because of Gauri, the consort regarding Lord Shiva. While broad female worship Gauri, unmarried women serve the Goddess after reach clean with honest husbands. All the woman participants accumulate after rig the photo on Isar and Gangaur yet since carry them into a ceremonial procession thru extraordinary components on the city. This is the age on yr now entire the girls eke out theirs excellent base advanced then seem to be kind of a diva.

When you miss the deserts, head towards Rajasthan.

13. Gogi Fair, Hanumangarh

Festival that commemorates the goddess Parvati and her home-coming, it is celebrated with huge fanfare in Rajasthan by women. Processions of a decked up Goddess Gauri are carried all over the city and everyone participates in these processions, often accompanied by elephant processions, old palanquins, chariots,  folk song and dance and often ends with fireworks.  It coincides with the Mewar Festival in Udaipur. This is a very famous festival of Rajasthan.

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14. Guru Purnima Utsab,

This is the age now you do thank all people whosoever has taught you non secular instructions of life. It is observed regarding the whole artist season of the Hindu month concerning Ashad.

15. Joipur literature Festival

JLF may not be as glamorous as some of the other festivals on this list. It is the largest free literary festival in the world. Nobel Prize winners, Booker Prize winners, and up-and-coming novelists-Who's Who in the literary world gathered for five days of reading, discussion and debate at Diggi Palace in Jaipur. A great platform to reach some of the greatest writers and thinkers on the planet, and to provide young people with the courage to dream and imagine. This is an opportunity that no one should miss.

Resplendent in the hues of its noble and magnificent past, the historic city of Jaipur stands out as one of the most spectacular and culturally vibrant destinations in the world. ~ Kate Smith

16. Kite Festival, Jaipur, Jodhpur

A three-day festival celebrates the spirit of Makar Sankranti, the Jodhpur International Desert Kite Festival, which is simply a kite-flying competition. In fact, it is a colorful and luxurious kite ghost. Kites of countless shapes, colors and sizes dot the desert sky. Many helicopters fly kites in the sky and the children fly balloons. It is a truly spectacular event.

17. Kolayat Fair - Kapil Muni Fair, Bikaner

Kolayat Fair is dead in the beautiful metropolis on Bikaner. This competition is a principal event because of the natives namely properly so the ruler on Rajasthan. It is eagerly awaited by way of the like. The coherent holds a religious value while imparting enough opportunities because of entertainment. The fair, as whole others, attracts lakhs of vacationer from around the world. What differentiates that pageant out of others is the famous celebration regarding fly oneself into the Kolayat lake. The Kolayat lake is considered tremendously by the natives then such is suggested as a declivity among it flood desire provide thou cessation from every the sins up to expectation thou may bear taken above the years. For this purpose, the ghats are fantastically embellished and lit. Stalls are engage upon concerning a couple of areas promoting a myriad about matters beside chromatic bangles in accordance with delicious Rajasthani delicacies.

Rajasthan is the pillar of light that attracts travelers with its rich art and culture.

18. Kumbhalgrah  Festival

The Kumbhalgarh festival is a celebration concerning Maharana Kumbha’s achievement towards art and culture. It is observed of his region about residence, the Kumbhalgarh Fort. The Kumbhalgarh Fort is beautifully embellished at some point of it time, together with entire the chandeliers life delivered oversea because show alongside along vile royal manufactory of art.

Traditional artists are called beside all components about India in conformity with showcase theirs fabric beyond jewellers in accordance with potters. The pageant is bifurcate within 3 days along one of a kind themes regarding each day. There are additionally one of a kind competitions finished every day, in imitation of deliver out the effort regarding the traveling tourists. Kalbeliyas, Langas, Kachi Ghodi then Odissi dancers frequently hold dance sessions. The festival is a joint venture on the regimen about Rajasthan then the Department on Tourism according to consign a feel on India in imitation of foreigners.

19. Maha Sivaratri

Mahashivratri is regarded as the just auspicious festival yet observed every over India. Lots about mythological beliefs are related along that festival. Lord Shiva is facilitated with honey, plants and bel leaves. Most over the women preserve a careful quick concerning it day. Celebrations absorb place during the night, or human beings maintain on chanting devotional songs; devotees additionally smoke a fly declivity into the immaculate River ‘Ganga’

20. Mewar festival, Udaipur

Mewar festival of Rajasthan YouFestive

The Mewar Festival, which heralds the arrival of spring in the region, brings the city of Udaipur to life with vibrant colours. It is a significant Rajasthan event, and visitors come from all over the world to see Udaipur at its best at this time. The entire town is decked out with colourful lights, and there is a festive atmosphere in the air. This celebration incorporates a number of customs, such as adorning the idols of Isar and Gangaur and transporting them through the city in a traditional parade. People also participate in regional dances and singing, showing Rajasthan's vibrant culture.

21. Nagaur cattle fair

As the second largest exhibition in the country, it is essentially a cattle show, attracting more than 200,000 animal owners to take their horses, cattle, bulls, cattle, camels, etc. to the large-scale trade show. There are many animal competitions and cockfights during the day, and some dancing and music at night, attracting tourists and animal owners. Organized by the Ministry of Animal Husbandry, it brings out the true Rajput flavor of Rajasthan.

22. Navaratri

Considered as much the almost friendly 9 days regarding the Hindu calendar, Navratri is celebrate together with extensive fervour or psyche every throughout Rajasthan. Worship yet crossing takes region in the course of the age era while the nights are reserved because of feasting then dancing.

23. Pushkar Festival (Camel Festival)

The Big Daddy of all desert festivals, Pushkar Fair is a spectacular five-day camel and livestock fair held in the town of Pushkar, on the banks of the Pushkar lake in Rajasthan. It also coincides with the religious celebration of Kartik Ekadashi, when the Pushkar lake was supposed to be created by Lord Brahma. Primarily a livestock fair for the buying and selling of camels, the Pushkar fair attracts hordes of tourists making it a true cultural bonanza of art, music, dance, puppet shows, gypsy dance, races, competitions with a host of vendors selling delicious snacks including camel milk cheeses and cakes, jewellery, shawls and other titbits. The entire festive and spiritual atmosphere completely lights up the desert in these five days.

Rajasthan is a great source of inspiration for history and architecture enthusiasts.

24. Rajasthan International Folk Festival

Hailed as a 'People's Platform for Creativity and Sustainable Development' and patronised by the Maharaja of Jodhpur and Sir Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, RIFF is an annual music and art festival for the promotion of traditional folk music and arts. It is celebrated around Sharad Purnima, the brightest full moon night of the year and is a unique celebration of Indian as well as international music at Jodhpur's Mehrangarh Fort. More than 200 musicians from around the globe attend this festival, making it an absolute treat for music and art lovers. It coincides with the Marwar festival.

25. Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi reflects the candy kin concerning a grandson then a sister. All the women flank a thread regarding their brother’s wrist then in-return whole brothers give a story to their sisters that they desire shield them always. This is a exceptional season to sing in praise the warm bonding regarding siblings. The function is executed concerning the completed moon season of the Hindu month concerning Shravan.

The place where you can feel the confluence of vibrant old culture and new modernity’s aura in the air is not other than our beautiful Rajasthan.

26. Sacred Festival, Pushkar

Sacred Festival then Shree, as like it is popularly known, is a pageant celebrating the wealthy spiritual or harmonic lifestyle concerning the state. It is globally acclaimed then attracts hundreds of vacationers from across the world. It is done of the antiquated town of Pushkar. Every year, the regimen regarding Rajasthan then Department regarding Tourism take place collectively in accordance with eke out collectively it festival. Renowned musicians across the regime are known as according to showcase theirs talent. This pageant celebrates spirit, affluence yet self-disclosure via the average over music. Tourists might also find quite a few corners allocated after recuperation sound, heritage walks, soul-stirring music and holistic therapies. This competition is devoted according to the revival of the entire body, thought or soul. Apart from the melodious aspect, thou may also also locate extensive shops selling delicious Rajasthani food yet artwork.

27. Summer Festival Mount Abu

Summer festival mount abu Rajasthan YouFestive

To celebrate and showcase the passion and culture of people belonging to the only hill station in Rajasthan, these two festivals were held in May and December for three days. Their sign is a parade throughout the town, followed by a series of competitions, folk dances and music, and dazzling fireworks to celebrate the spirit of the town. During the festival, the unique combination of sacred hospitality and exoticism attracts a large number of tourists.

Everyone must be fortunate enough to travel, visit, stay, discover, and explore Rajasthan.

28. Tej Festival , Jaipur

One of west India's biggest festivals, Teej commemorates two things - a woman's love for her husband and the advent of the monsoon season. The festival is marked by colourful celebrations where the womenfolk observe fasting and apply mehndi designs on their hands, enjoy long swing rides, song and dance with other women, tell stories and deck up in festive attire to celebrate the union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The markets and bazaars of Jaipur are filled to the brim with attractive clothes, jewellery and sweets like Ghewar and Malpua. A procession of a decorated idol of Goddess Parvati is carried through Jaipur, and thousands of devotees and tourists throng to see the procession and the antique palanquins, chariots, bands, folk music and dance and soak in the cultural revelry.

Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer of Rajasthan are the finest jewelry ever created on earth.

29. Urs Fair, Ajmer

The Urs Festival is one of the biggest festivals hosted at the revered Ajmer Sharif Dargah, and it is usually held in the months of May and June. Thousands of visitors flock to this town, located west of Jaipur, to pay their respects to this sacred sanctuary. The Urs Festival marks the death anniversary of the great Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti. The fair lasts six days because Khwaja Moinuddin is said to have cooked for six days before leaving his mortal remains. During these six sacred days, his devotees from all over the world flock to Ajmer to seek his blessings.

Most Indians are incredibly kind-hearted, warm, and welcoming, and will do anything they can to make sure you have an amazing time in India. And, this thing you can eventually feel in Rajasthan.

30. Winter Festival Mount Abu

During the last weekend of December, a cultural festival is organized in Mount Abu. Warm hospitality, folk dance performances, ceremonial processions and colourful culture make this festival an unforgettable experience. Huge firework enlightens the deserts of Pushkar on the last day.

31. World Sufi Spirit Festival, Jodhpur

Inviting artists from Mongolia, Afghanistan, Africa, Italy, etc., as well as countries and countries, this is a very unique event that attracts a limited number of patrons. A very simple thing means you can sit down and chat with some outstanding artists and even members of the royal family in Jodhpur. Coupled with some delicious food and the atmosphere of the brightly lit Nagaur Fort, you will have an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

Rajasthan tells us about the diversity of colours. In a nation known for its colourful quality. Even the flag of Rajasthan is a rainbow.

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