Offbeat travel Dovan Tents Bijanbari, Darjeeling beside Rangeet River.

I had very grateful to my travel team that they chosen a nice offbeat place for one day - night short travel at Dovan, Bijanbari, Darjeeling.

Dovan Tour huts Bijanbari Darjeeling
Dovan Tents at Bijanbari

On 25th December 2021, we have started our journey from Siliguri at morning 8. Our one senior team member wanted to prepare meat at home-stay Bijanbari.

Tukriya - Near Siliguri a nice Offbeat Picnic place 

Sight Seen of Rohini Road Darjeeling

নতুন চমক - কেদারনাথে সোনায় বাধানো গর্ভগৃহ

শিলিগুড়ির কাছে টুকরিয়া পর্যটনের নতুন দিশা

মা কালির বিভিন্ন রূপভেদ 

For his active initiative we purchased 2 kilogram pure got meat from local bazar and took breakfast at the local shop.

Dovan Eco Tourist hut Tents.

From there we had now started our main journey from Siliguri to Darjeeling through Rohini road. On the way we took some medicine from Darjeeling and also captured the photo of toy nostalgia toy train of Darjeeling.

After reaching Karsiong, Ghum and Darjeeling town we move towards Bijanbari beside the of St. Pouls School. Though the road is very up and downstream but actually  we arrived our planned destination Dovan under Bijanbari block.

On average 3 kilometers downstream the local a energetic team developed a nice nature spot beside Rangeet river. The river bed is utilizing the local team for the purpose of picnics, night staying at tents and bonfire.

You can enjoy the trip at this spot with very low price. Per head rate is only 1500/- at this starting time, which the local team started 20th December 2021. Not only that here you can access the ready-made service of bonfire and music audio facilities. You can sing with microphone. 

Far away from the locality here no one will disturb you, as well as no one may feel disturbed due to your enjoyment.

At night you can stay at the tent, though during January, February and March the weather is cold but at the tent you get all available rags and pillows for 2 persons and  fell comfortable into the tent environment.

For phone nos. and other details mail us to :


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